Street Photography Projects

This is a collection of some of my projects that has emerged over the years. Each project is based on a given theme, such as love, public transport and shadows.


I love photos with a certain amour of romance. This is a collection from my ongoing street project Love.

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Public transport

I love public transports. Especially the old trams of Gothenburg. Public transport is an ongoing project were I collect images from trains, trams, busses and other public transports.

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Shadows fascinates me. Especially during Spring when the sun is at it's peak, and dramatic shadows appears. Shadows is an ongoing project with Shadows and silhouettes.

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When I shoot street photography, people with a certain sadness in her eyes often attracts me. I can't put my finger on exactly what I'm looking for, but I know the feeling when it hits me. This is a collection of photos in my ongoing project with the theme loneliness.

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A recipe for good street photo is good timing. Small subtle details make the whole picture, and if the photo was shot a second later the picture had forever been lost. This is my project on the theme "perfect timing."

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