Street photography Workshops

Learn with my workshops

I'll help you develop your skills in street photography with my hands-on practical tips. Tools that you can use in many different types of photography styles.

I love to inspire and share my knowledge. In my courses you will learn to take the next steps and develop your skills as a photographer. I'll coach and lead you forward in a simple and playful manner. I love to share hands-on tips that you can use in your own worksflow.

Workshops 2015

This is my workshops during 2015
Date Place Training Price Info Sign up
April 25th Halmstad Workshop Street photo (swedish) 1500kr
May 30th Folkuniversitetet Göteborg Workshop Street photo (swedish) 1795 kr Info Sign up
September 23rd Stockholm Workshop Street photo (swedish) 1800 kr Info Sign up

Private workshops

Book a private workshop if you want full focus on your training. It's just you and I working together on the streets. I tailor the training to suit your needs and skills with 100% focus on your development.

Maybe you have photographed a while and feel that you are stuck? Let me help you get further and focus on what you really need to improve. We shoot together on the streets and you will have me by your side, coaching and giving feedback.

The training is bewteen 10:00 and 15:00, and we adapt the training after what you need to learn for example:

  • Beginning Street Photography
  • Intermediate Street Phorograpy
  • Street Portraits
  • Advanced Flash Street Photography
  • Post production in LightRoom for Street Photographers

Price: € 300

Travelcosts are not included for training outside Gothenburg.

Book Private training

You will get

  • A personal coash by your side
  • Learning based on your personal skills
  • Feedback during and after training
  • A push forward
  • 100% focus on you


Nöjda deltagare på mina fotokurser

  • "Heltaggad för gatufoto efter kursen
    vilket sammantaget är bästa betyg så klart."

    Anders, Workshop-deltagare

  • "Daniel hängde med oss och hjälpte och pushade oss under dagen.
    jättebra kurs och kan rekommendera detta !!!!"

    Kristiina, Workshop-deltagare