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This Saturday was a day full of street photography. I held a workshop at Art College, and the student had thir patience tested with heavy rain during most of the day.

Street photography theory

Before we go out on the street and shoot, I usually start my workshops with some theory. I give the students a toolbox with practical tips that they can use during the day. The students are prepared for what might happen when you shoot strangers, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Ready to hit the streets
Ready to hit the streets

The five tasks

To challenge the participants to photograph outside their comfort zone, I gave them five different tasks to perform during the day. The tasks were designed to gradually letting go of the students fear of shooting strangers.

Linn aproaching her first stranger
Linn aproaching her first stranger

As usual the students had a preconceived idea that people would get angry when you photograph them, and my job is to prove they're wrong and push them to conquer their fear.

Bruno gladly shows his newly shot photo of a man
Bruno gladly shows his newly shot photo of a man.

A quick coffee

I showed the student some of my favourite places, and they also got a view of some of my favourite cafés. Street photography can also bo done indoors, and cafés and bars are great places to begin with.

Linn enjoys a well deserved coffee
Linn enjoys a well deserved coffee.

Andra Långdagen

We spent some time on the carnival at Andra Långgatan, called "Andra Långdagen". A day with lots of people, DJs, food and happy faces. The students got a bit overwhelmed but quickly adapted to the noisy environment. A good glance of how street photography can be in other countries.

Linn shooting street photography
Linn shooting street photography

Next workshop

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