Street Photography POV with flash

Do you find it a bit uncomfortable to do street photography with a flash? If you haven't tried it I'm sure this video will change your mind.

Street photography with flash is just as terrifying as the first time you did street photography. But after trying it you will see that the fear is only a product of the photographers thoughts. I reality people are very happy as long as you act respectful and unthreatening. I recorded this video in Gothenburg to let you see for yourself.

My best advice for Flash Street Photography

  • Be friendly - Smile and be happy. Say Hi to people.
  • Talk with your subjects - Tell them a joke och give them a compliment after you've shot them. They will almost instantly forget that you've just photographed them, and walk away happy with a big smile
  • Be prepared - You only have one chance to make the shot.
  • Be social - Open up yourself and show people your most social side.

Tags: streetphotography, video