My Black'n'White settings for FujiFilm Cameras

Street photography camera X100S

The FujiFilm X100s is a great camera for street photography. Small enough to always carry with you, but competent enough to produce great black'n'white photos straight out of the camera.

Crisp Black'n'White photos

The predefined BnW film simulations in the camera are a bit dull. The photos will be very tame with low contrast. I really like deep black'n'white photos. The darkest parts should be black and the white should be crisp but not blown out. To achieve this I usually modify the standard settings a bit.

Note that if you shoot in RAW, the Monochrome settings will be lost. Set the camera to shoot JPEG or both RAW + JPEG to use the photos straight out of the camera.

My settings for deeper bnw

I begin by selecting the default Monochrome + R film simulation. This will be a good start with higher contrast. Next I'll tweak the Highlight and Shadow tones to +2 to enhance the contrast. I also like my photos sharp and nice, so the Sharpness slider will be set at +1. I'll also make sure to set the Dynamic Range to 100%.

I save my settings to one of the custom settings (C1, C2 or C3), so that I allways have it accessible with the Q-button.

Cheat Sheet

Print and save.
FilmSimulation Monochrome + R A good start for monochrome photos with extra contrast
Dynamic range 100% To keep the contrast at the edge. This will also prevent LightRoom from making your photos too bright in some cases.
Sharpness +1 Set according to your preferences. I like it extra sharp.
Highlight tone +2 Force the hightlights to be almost white. Set to +1 if you like it softer.
Shadow Tone +2 Makes the dark parts black and deep. Set to +1 for softer look.
Noise reduction 0 For extra old look, set it to -2

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