Great thoughts on how to evaluate your street photos

Juan Jose Reyes has written an interesting article about the five levels of Street Photography that helps you evaluate your street photos.

Cognitive friction

Juan categorises street photos in five different levels based on the emotions the photos creates. He calls this cognitive friction as a way to describe how an image triggers different emotions based on your present emotion.

Level Emotion Cognitive friction Comment
1 Interest Low Photos that a viewer finds interesting, but not enough to look at for a longer period.
2 Joy Low Photos that have a portion of humor or a visual joke. Attracts direct interest but are less funny after a short period.
3 Surprise Medium All visual elements are displayed but creates curiosity or surprise for the viewer.
4 Distress High Triggers emotions such as anger, fear, stress or anxiety. These images usually have missing part or are displaying partially hidden, distorted or blurred.
5 Mixed (combination of 3 & 4) Highest Images combining level 3 and 4. Tough to make, and tough to see.

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