Ballerina Street - Behind the Scenes

Ballerina in street environment. It sure sounds like a fun idea? After much planning with Stylist Lofgren & Gilensparr, we got the chance to photograph beautiful ballerina Celia in central Gothenburg.


A rainy day in May, I met stylists Rebecca Lofgren and Sofia Gilensparr in a coffee shop in Gothenburg, wherewe discussed what kind of pictures we wanted to create. We had a very clear idea quickly, and decided to go out on the town and find places to photograph on.

Stylisterna Rebecca och Sofia letar miljöer i ett kallt och regnigt Göteborg.
Stylists Rebecca and Sofia are looking for places to photograph in a cold and rainy Gothenburg.

Fairly quickly, we found the platform at Central Station. The light was magical and perfect for our photosession. Stylist Sofia acted model, since she is a trained dancer, and we took some test shots on the platform. The light and the contrast was exactly as I hoped for, and the test shots were promising. For these pictures I used my beloved FujiFilm X100S which I always carry with me.

Sofia poserar
Sofia showed her dancing skills



A few days later it was time for the photoshoot, and we met in my studio at Redbergsplatsen. Rebecca and Sofia started to apply makeup and style the model Celia. Makeup artist Rebecca did the makeup, and Sofia took care of the styling. The idea was a timeless ballerina with a '50s feel. The weather forecast was exactly as I wished; Cloudy with light rain, and I felt very hopeful.

Rebecca sminkar Celia
Rebecca makes up Celia


Sofia stylar Celia
Sofia is styling Celia

After a couple of hours Celia was styled and made-up, and we took the car to the central station for some photoshooting.

The photo shoot on the platform

When we arrived at the central station, the clouds disappeared and the harsh sun was a fact. - "Dammit!," I thought to myself. Rebecca and Sofia took a quick check on the make up and clothes, and we went out to the platform.

Lite småfix innan fotograferingen
Small fixes on the styling
Sofia finjusterar kläderna
Sofia adjusts the clothes

I began photographing, but was insanely disappointed by the harsh light. After adjusting Celia's position in the light, I got exactly the shades I was looking for to create an interesting portrait and suddenly felt hopeful again. After a while of shooting, we decided to go into the main station and take a different type of photos.

Inside the central station

Many people stopped and watched as Celia ballet danced. It made it hard to get a clean background, and I decided to try to find a higher spot to shoot from. The idea was to use the floor as background, and suddenly the picture became much cleaner.

Golvet skapar en ren bakgrund
The floor creates a clean background


Celia dansar utanför centralen
Celia dancing outside the station

The photos

The photo shoot was one of the best photo shoots I've ever done, and the pictures are probably the best I have ever taken. Much thanks to the talented stylists and the awesome model. Certainly you must be curious about the pictures? Here the come...


You can read more about Stylists Rebecca and Sofia on their website: or follow them on Facebook:

Model name Celia Berndtzen.

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