London Street Photo Event

I've just gotten back after a couple of fantastic days in London with 20 other photographers. Great photos, laughter, new friends and no sleep in 48 hours. This is my quick summary in pictures.

The event was organized by the awesome street photographer Mats Alfredsson, one of my big sources of inspiration in street photo.

High expectations on Liverpool Street

I landed in London Thursday morning, and was incredibly excited since this was my first visit to London. The first thing I saw outside the hotel was a senior man in a bright red cowboy hat. Click, and the first photo was shot. I wandered around the business district around Liverpool Street, an area where 80% of all men wear suits and smoke cigarettes. Preferrably E-cigarettes.

The pictures from Liverpool street deserves to be shown in color, so here I'll break my monochrome tradition for a couple of photos.

Soho och Leicester Square

Took the subway to Picadilly Circus to meet up with a couple of other photographers at Leicester square. Distracted by the camera, I went wrong and ended up in Soho, which quickly became a favorite with its special environment.


Camden quickly became a favorite; ruff environment and massive crowds of people. Ideal for snapshots.

Oxford och Covent Garden

These districts offered great challenges; extremely busy and bright sunlight. On Covent Garden I met a very fascinating young photographer from France. She asked me to participate in her project, and of course I said yes.


Many thanks to all new friends and especially to Mats who arranged the event. Hope to see you again soon.

Last but not least, there was a lot of photos of photographers shot in more or less flattering situations. Here are the uncensored truth, and I warn sensitive readers for strong images.


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